The Hourly Assistant charges only for the time we work, no minimal hourly charges or block purchases. 

Even it´s half an hour one week, or 60 hours a month, you only pay for what is worked - an hourly rate of £20. 

Invoices are distributed on the 2nd of each month, and payment preferred via  Direct Deposit.


Email Katrina at or, phone +44 7754 989 258 advising briefly where and what you need assistance with.

I commence with a very quick free call to ascertain your needs and how The Hourly Assistant can help.


The Hourly Assistant gains access to your relevant folders and/inboxes, and we get to work behind the scenes as and when needed.

Every hour is recorded in a simple document in a shared location, providing full visibility for you.


The Hourly Assistant can be available in multiple time zones.

We like to keep in touch with weekly short ´touch point review´ meetings, to ensure expectations are exceeded, and continue to gain a better understanding of our clients, their style and their business and needs.

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